5 Reasons Your Business Needs Video

In the past 5 years the use of online video content has skyrocketed, and with it so have consumers who spend time online looking for this video content. For businesses this means that video is a necessary resource to reach more people and expand their customer base. Here are 5 reasons that your business needs to use video content as a way to market and reach more customers.

1. Video is a great way to increase interest in your product or service  
In the world of social media it is easy for content to be shared, talked about, and viewed. The amount of content "going viral" has gone up tremendously and every day more and more content is uploaded to the web. People are accessing online video content 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and your business deserves to be a part of that. 

2. With the rise in use of mobile devices mobile viewing of online video is at an all time high
Today almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet. These devices make it even easier for people to view and share online video content. People are viewing videos on their mobile devise so much that 1 in 6 online videos are viewed from a mobile device. 

3. Video is a very powerful medium
People are naturally attracted to a story. Stories allow people to better understand information in a more meaningful and emotional way. A video is a story. Videos allow you as a business owner to tell people your story, and allows people to discover your business in a more meaningful way than any other medium can deliver. In addition to the emotional power that video holds the amount of content available is incredible, as of 2014 over 60% of all online data is in the form of video. Not only does your business deserve to be a part of that 60%, your business needs to be in order to connect with todays consumer.

4. Using video to explain your your product or service can help consumers understand and relate better to your business
Depending on what your business does it may be difficult for people to understand exactly what it is that you do and why you do it. A video is the best way to explain what you do in an engaging and understanding way. The better people understand what you do the better they feel about purchasing your product or using your service. 

5. Video helps to give your business a professional and cutting edge identity
Your business needs a professional identity that appeals to a broad array of consumers. There is no better way to establish this identity than through video. More than anything human beings trust what they see versus what they read or hear. A video gives people an easy and personal way to get to know you and your business. The right video gives viewers a professional impression of your business and allows them to identify your business with that impression. An investment in a video production is an investment in the identity and growth of your business.