Interactive Video

The best videos tell a story that appeals to the viewers thoughts and emotions. A video needs to captivate the audience and tell a story in an engaging way from beginning to end. An interactive video is a great way to do that. 

What exactly is interactive video? Interactive video is any form of video where the viewer is able to interact with video content in some way. These videos usually have strong calls to action and are a great way to generate internet traction, and at the same time tell people your product or service. These types of videos are popular because humans are natural storytellers. 

The brain is wired to be told a story and taken on a journey from beginning to middle to end. We best learn from and understand when we are told something in the form of a story, it is natural for us to be drawn to stories. The videos that are shared, and talked about most are the videos that allow us to in some way tell our own story. 

The attraction to stories does not end online. Today more than ever, online video allows people to communicate, share, and connect with each other in an extremely powerful way. An interactive video needs to be able to give people a starting point. It needs to make them ask questions like "If I were in that situation what would I do?" or "What if I could do that?" and most importantly "How can I help?" When faced with these types of questions people don't just ask themselves they talk about it and share it to see what other people would do or say. It is for this very reason that video is so popular. Video is more than just watching moving images, it is a way for people to communicate.

Some videos allow people to directly interact with the content and change the outcome of the video. Usually this type of video has clickable "hotspots" that allow the viewer to click and directly change the content. Another type of interactive video involves indirect interaction. This type of video usually begs the question "if you were in this situation what would you do?" The reason this is referred to as indirect interaction is because people are not directly interacting with the content. Instead they interact with other people and use the content to ask others the same question. 

As a business you can use this incredibly powerful tool to tell people about what you do and inspire them to learn more and share what they have learned about your product or service. Whether it is a video that allows people to directly interact with the content or a video that asks people "what would you do?" interactive video is a very powerful tool.