The Drone Revolution

2016 has seen the rise of drone technology. Aerial drones everyday are being used in a diverse group of industries from farming to cinematography. They allow everyday individuals to do extraordinary things by using drones as a creative solution to many of todays problems. In the film and video industry this means that for smaller individuals and studios complex and often expensive shots can be shot for much less simply by using a drone instead of cranes and cables. 

Drones are becoming more and more of an essential film making tool every day. The ability to capture images from the air for a relatively low cost is an incredible tool for any beginner or experienced videographer. As film makers it is important to explore and experiment with new and upcoming technologies. 
Flying a drone for photographic purposes does take some getting used to but once you understand the concept and application of these devices the possibilities are endless. For years we have been used to and only been able to hold a camera near or around ourselves at ground level and shoot video. What the drone allows us to do is literally place a camera anywhere in the given space around us whether that space is hundreds of feet above us or right in front of us. 
This kind of versatility with a camera has garnered much controversy from government and political organizations. Currently the FAA requires commercial drone operators to file for section 333 exemption which will grant the operator commercial use of their aircraft within certain given parameters. As more regulation and rules for drone use are developed the technology will continue to improve and abide by the parameters. 
The next few years will see drones and camera technology becoming more and more advanced as it is used and explored within the industry. GPS integration for automated planned and precise shots, better camera quality and stabilization, and more powerful and longer battery life are all improvements to this technology that we will see in the future. 
For us here at Studio 10 the drone is an important tool that is one piece of a creative puzzle. The drone allows us to offer our clients the full package of video and film production. Using drone technology allows us to better tell our clients stories and visually connect with the audience. 
What do you think about drones? What other applications can they be used for and where do you see the technology going in the next 5 years? Share this article and comment below!

-Christopher Settineri