Video Content In Stage Productions

Live and stage productions are all about wowing the audience with incredible acting, detailed sets, and unbelievable light and sound effects. With such a high caliber of entertainment value how is it possible to further enhance such a production?

Through the use of video production of course! Video is truly a medium that can be utilized in almost every area of communication and content, it can be adapted to fit many scenarios and enhance almost any production. Recently we here at Studio 10 had our first encounter with using video content in a live stage production.
The production was "Rent", and the director of the play wanted to use video content to better tell the story and explain the relationships between the characters. Stage only allows for a certain amount of depth when it comes to visually telling a story. It also conveys emotion in a different way than film and tells its story in a very different setting than film. Combining the two allows the audience to be captivated beyond both the stage and the screen and into a world where both types of storytelling seamlessly work together to tell an amazing story both visually and emotionally. 
Though this may have been out first experience with video and stage together it certainly will not be our last.