Christopher Settineri - Director/Producer (Founder of Studio 10 Films)

   Chris's interest in video and media production began when he was very young and started using his first camera. His passion for visual storytelling has gotten stronger since then and he has continued to further his love and skills throughout his career. He is also the CEO and founder of Studio 10 Films.

   After learning about all aspects of video and film production he realized a major problem for many businesses - the lack of a visual product that really connected with customers. Some business and companies had video products but they were so low in quality that they became laughable and did more harm to businesses than help. He knew he could create something better! 
     He started Studio 10 with one goal in mind: to deliver a high quality video product. At Studio 10 the goals of our founder are deeply rooted in everything we do. Whether it is a small business trying to reach more customers, or a global corporation trying to better connect with their employees and customers Studio 10 will continue to deliver only the highest quality video and media products.